By James Fee

Spatial, workflows and technology

Spatial, workflows and technology

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SpatialTau - The Final Issue

I haven't had a newsletter in a while and it's probably going to stay that way. I've been looking for a better outlet for my writing and it would appear that I am liking I backed this project on Kickstarter way back in 2017 and hadn't really done …


SpatialTau - GIS Day 2021

So, I'm staring at this screen during GIS Day 2021. HERE had a big GIS Day presentation schedule from the start of the day in Asia/Pacific to the close of the day in North America, lots of great presentations on how GIS is involved with HERE technology. It's …


SpatialTau - ArcGIS Online, Argle​-​Bargle or Foofaraw

Summer is over so the break from the newsletter is over. I'm just going on 8 months at HERE and it feels so good to be back in the geospatial world. I don't consider my time working with Digital Twins a loss by any means. But there is something comforting wor…


SpatialTau - Stop Forcing It

You may (or may not) have seen there hasn't been a newsletter in quite some time. If there is one thing about my writing over the years (here and on my blog) is that I struggle to write on a preset schedule. In the "glory days" of Spatially Adjusted, I might …


SpatialTau - GIS as a Service 2021

OK, before I get too much into this, yes GIS as a Service exits today. There are plenty of products from plenty of companies that do this, from HERE (where I am employed) to Esri, Carto and many others. These services, while amazing in their breath and abilty…


SpatialTau - Back At It

It's been a couple weeks since I've had a newsletter and you might have seen the news I'm now at HERE. I honestly couldn't be happier; I'll be working with the Professional Services teams to integrate HERE into so many different solutions. I have to admit, I'…


SpatialTau - 2021 Just Won't Let Go of 2020

Boy, what a start to 2021. I feel like this year has hit me harder than any other year in my life, but we're finally into February. At worst February is the shortest month so I have that going for me. Sorry for the lack of newsletters, it's been hard to find …


SpatialTau - The Right Leg

Well I hope everyone survived Christmas. I asked for only one thing, a new set of AirPods Pro and my family let me down. So I just bought a pair just before I'm writing this weeks newsletter. First things first, you might have seen I missed the last two newsl…


SpatialTau - 30 Days is All We Need

Sponsor: I’d like to thank OpenCage for again being the newsletter sponsor this week. Open data like that returned by the OpenCage Geocoding API offers many benefits compared to traditional proprietary data sources. This means you can use it ANYWHERE, you can…


SpatialTau - Revisiting What Matters

Sponsor: I'd like to thank OpenCage for being the newsletter sponsor again this week. These guys are so much fun; I bet you didn't know besides making an amazing geocoder, they also organize Geomob? They have time to not only building an amazing geocoder buil…


SpatialTau - Cartography is my Favorite "-graphy"

Sponsor: Someone had to be the first sponsor of this newsletter and let me tell you I couldn't be happier because I love companies that have a mission that allows better sharing of information. This week's sponsor is OpenCage. I said I love their mission whic…


SpatialTau - Basemap, Base Map and Baseman

I've struggled with many things in my life. Inability to eat one bag of skittles, being jobless during a global pandemic and figuring out how to spell basemap. EVERY time I type it, not matter how I type it, it looks wrong to me. My Apple devices say basemap …


SpatialTau - Welcome Monroe

Despite saying the newsletter was back this week, I ended up doing something else, welcoming Monroe Brittan Fee into the world. Her brother Connor and sister Emilia are so happy to meet her. We'll be back next week after some needed rest. Please vote.


SpatialTau - Working When You Are Not Working

I was asked recently if I had found a job yet. Since I've left Spatial Networks, I've been looking for my next thing and I haven't found it yet. I've gotten close to a couple opportunities that looked amazing, but in the end, they were not for me. I could tak…


SpatialTau - Virtual

In any given year I probably attend one or two conferences. But looking back to 2019 I didn't attend one which is odd for me as I'm usually keynoting at least one a year. But it is weird how we get busy and can't make the time to spend away from the family or…


SpatialTau - IoT is not About Hardware

When you think about IoT you think about little devices everywhere doing their own thing. From Nest thermostats and Ring doorbells to Honeywell environmental controls and Thales biometrics; you imagine hardware. Sure, there is the “I” part of IoT that conveys…


SpatialTau - Spatial Reasoning and How We Understand Our World

I hate to be the guy who starts off a newsletter with, "back in the old days" but back in the old days we were more organized. I feel like with the advent of tools such as Slack and Google Drive, we do not spend the time to file things away like we used to. S…


SpatialTau - Waking up in Palm Springs

I have been having a lot of phone calls with people lately, not so much repeat calls, but ongoing about potential work. One thing I've noticed is the new joke everyone tells is that they can't tell what day it is.I wouldn't have known it was Wednesday unless …


SpatialTau - Vacation

I've been on a needed vacation (yes you can take vacation while you aren't working) this week so no newsletter. Remember, I am still looking for my next job so if you need some help please don't hesitate to reply to this email. I've also been doing some consu…


SpatialTau - The GeoPackage

So there were few on the GeoPackage bandwagon earlier than me. As I wrote at the time on WeoGeo's blog:I have gotten a lot of feedback on my blog and twitter saying that an OGC format like GeoPackage is stupid, bloated, and destined for failure and that we sh…