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May 25th is upon us and it is a reflective time for me. 15 years ago, while in the hill country of Texas, I decided to start a blog about GIS development. I had blogged before, but not about what I did at work. I’ve written just under 2400 blog posts, used almost every blog platform out there, stopped and started blogging more times than I can recall and removed all the comments from my posts. But one thing blogging taught me was the best way to learn is through relationships. Some of my favorite people in the world I’ve met through blogging.
I'm pretty sure it looked close to this back then...
I'm pretty sure it looked close to this back then...
I’ve tried to offer up well thought out opinions about technology and GIS through the years. Offended many people I’m sure, but also, I feel like I touched many too. I feel like when I meet St. Peter up at the gates of heaven, he’ll say you did all right. I tried through the years to keep the blog as my voice, not an avatar of me, but my actual voice. The passion, humor, baseball, dislike of the DBF were all real. And possibly that is how I’ve written so much. I always get a laugh when I search for a spatial topic and my blog is the #1 google result. If I’m the best result, you know it much be bad.
If by something, you mean I post Simpson's gifs....
If by something, you mean I post Simpson's gifs....
It hasn’t always been about blogging though, I had some Google Hangouts fun, a podcast with Bill that keeps rolling, keynote presentations around the world and countless late nights drinking beers with friends at conferences. I cannot think of a greater adventure I could have had professionally than I’ve had because of the people I’ve met blogging.
I don’t blog as much as I used to for sure. This newsletter has really given me time to focus on what I want to write over the course of a week rather than a day or hour. I think the natural progression of my energy is now long form weekly writing which of course could be done on a blog, but somehow renders itself much better in a newsletter. But the blog isn’t dead.
I’m turning the old posts into sort of a director’s cut. I’m not changing the content, but I’m fixing broken links which links so that context is not lost, and where that isn’t possible, I’m putting in a sidebar to try and give that context retroactively. I’ve also started to get more into IoT, and sensor networks and I think that is a perfect medium to talk about my thoughts there. Heck, I’ve quit blogging so many times since I started Spatially Adjusted, I don’t doubt that blog will outlive me.
Many of you reading this newsletter have followed me since the beginning and I really appreciate it. You have always been honest in your feedback with me and that has helped frame my view of technology and GIS. In the end we can all agree, location is a glue that binds us through computers to a physical place on the earth. I’ve always just loved the idea of staring at code, or a map on my computer and seeing that place as if I was just standing there. Imagination is what gives our domain such vibrant life and I’m so happy to have spent most of my professional career blogging about it. I appreciate you all.
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