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SpatialTau - ArcGIS Online, Argle​-​Bargle or Foofaraw

Summer is over so the break from the newsletter is over. I’m just going on 8 months at HERE and it feels so good to be back in the geospatial world. I don’t consider my time working with Digital Twins a loss by any means. But there is something comforting working with geospatial data vs BIM/CAD models. My work stack has changed, probably not so much as a requirement of HERE workflows, but as to how my methods of working with geospatial data has changed.
James Fee
I would safely say my primary geospatial tool these days is @SafeSoftware. I don’t even have QGIS installed anymore.
Of course if I was doing any cartography, I would be using ArcGIS or QGIS much more, but that’s not what I do anymore (I probably haven’t made a map since 2008). Regardless, it is nice to work with FME again on a regular basis.
As I ease back into geospatial, I’m taken aback a bit at how pervasive ArcGIS Online is. I find much of what we do either has ArcGIS Online as an input or an output. Of course it doesn’t always work due to requirements of data or features, but that seems to be how many organization think about sharing geospatial data. I could pretend to be outraged at data in a proprietary cloud service, but I’m honestly not. The biggest need these days is collaborating around data. I wrote about this extensively earlier this year so read up on my thoughts there.
It isn’t my job to determine winners and losers in this space, nor am I religions about open software or data. I’ve become much more pragmatic in my old(er) age about workflows and strategic choices companies make. If ArcGIS Online makes it easier to share data, who am I to judge? Anyway, it allows me to do my job quicker and faster so that’s a win for the customer anyway. I’m fighting to get data from a SFTP site as I’m writing this and let me tell you, it just isn’t worth it.
Of course HERE has our own online data sharing platform which we use, so take these thoughts as you will. In the end I try and deliver what the customer wants and needs.
Have a wonderful week everyone and feel free to respond to this email and let me know your thoughts. Go Giants!
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