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SpatialTau - Basemap, Base Map and Baseman

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I’ve struggled with many things in my life. Inability to eat one bag of skittles, being jobless during a global pandemic and figuring out how to spell basemap. EVERY time I type it, not matter how I type it, it looks wrong to me. My Apple devices say basemap is not a word. Searching Google for basemap doesn’t result in any consensus. In fact whoever is buying Ad Words for “basemap”, you’re doing it wrong. On Wikipedia, basemap is suggested to be Base Map which redirect to web mapping (seriously?).
Don’t even get me started on Base Map. We don’t call it Base Ball for Pete’s sake. I refuse to live in a world where Base Map is how it should be typed. But I live in a world where basemap is underlined in red every time I type it or even worse, autocorrected to baseman (WTF is baseman)? Even writing this newsletter, my blood is boiling seeing almost every world underlined. Sure one could force my computer to “learn” the correct spelling of basemap but that seems like a surrender.
I asked my wife how she spells basemap and she said she didn’t care, as long as I’m looking for a job (seriously, if you’re looking for some help in a geospatial or engineering management role, I’m here). That’s why I married her, tons of support. So I’m going to continue to spell basemap the incorrect way and continue to backspace every time basemap is autocorrected to baseman. Enough of this issue, all I see is red.
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