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Literally me...
Literally me...
So I moved last weekend. Moving is awful but you all know that. Plus it’s been over 100F here in Scottsdale so basically I’m spent. Also my wife and I had to yell at each other, “SOCIAL DISTANCING” as we got close to the movers and everyone else who comes into the house while this process goes on.
I had every intention of releasing a newsletter this week but COVID-19 + Moving means I have totally lost what day of the week it is. So it’s a week off for me but at least there are links.
Also, thanks for all the hate mail for saying that services over raw data is needed. I knew how you all felt, but I wrote it anyway. I love you all and you are absolutely right for that 20% of the long tail that we all work in.
Covid-19 Pandemic Makes a Case for Megaregions - CityLab
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