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SpatialTau - Stop Forcing It

You may (or may not) have seen there hasn’t been a newsletter in quite some time. If there is one thing about my writing over the years (here and on my blog) is that I struggle to write on a preset schedule. In the “glory days” of Spatially Adjusted, I might write one article or five, depending on my mood. I never looked at it as something I needed to write and clearly I have never been good at thinking and writing with too many guardrails to limit me. Eventually the stars align and I end up writing something that hopefully makes sense. But sometimes they don’t align and I can’t force it.
So starting today, there is no set schedule for my newsletter (not that I was sticking to it). You’ve signed up for it and it comes out when it comes out, hopefully with something that makes it worth reading. Taking off this forced “every week” mantra is not how I write and I suspect you’ll see more writing from me without it. Heck there might even be blog posts again. Go figure. But if this haphazard schedule isn’t for you, please feel free to unsubscribe. I totally get that.
Happy Father’s Day out there to all those Dad’s. Be well!
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