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SpatialTau - The Final Issue

I haven’t had a newsletter in a while and it’s probably going to stay that way. I’ve been looking for a better outlet for my writing and it would appear that I am liking I backed this project on Kickstarter way back in 2017 and hadn’t really done much with it. Twitter is one orange nutcase away from being unusable again and my Spatially Adjusted blog has probably run it course.
If you’d like to continue to follow me, head to and click subscribe if you’d like to continue to get email updates (I won’t be migrating this email list so if you don’t follow at my new blog this will be the last email you get). Otherwise there is an RSS feed if you’re old school. Better yet, follow on
Thanks for reading all these years.
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James Fee
James Fee @jamesmfee

Spatial, workflows and technology

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