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SpatialTau - The Right Leg

Well I hope everyone survived Christmas. I asked for only one thing, a new set of AirPods Pro and my family let me down. So I just bought a pair just before I’m writing this weeks newsletter. First things first, you might have seen I missed the last two newsletters, this wasn’t because of the holiday (although that would have been a good excuse). No, I had a bad infection on my leg and a doctor that liked to use the words “amputation” excessively. Well regardless, while my leg still hasn’t healed completely, I’m keeping it so I now have no excuse to not write the newsletter.
That said, I’m punting this week because I want to focus more on next week’s 2021 newsletter with some hopes and thoughts for the new year. As always, thanks for reading and the lesson learned in 2020 by me is never avoid going to a doctor. Good riddance 2020.
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James Fee
James Fee @jamesmfee

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