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SpatialTau - Waking up in Palm Springs

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I have been having a lot of phone calls with people lately, not so much repeat calls, but ongoing about potential work. One thing I’ve noticed is the new joke everyone tells is that they can’t tell what day it is.
I wouldn’t have known it was Wednesday unless my calendar told me
We all noticed this, probably more me than most as I’ve not had a day job for a while now. I can tell weekends because Twitter gets much more quiet. My son just started school back up (virtually) and he’s on a normal schedule which helps him through the days. But the other night we were watching a movie together and he commented to me how monotonous the days are.
That struck me a bit because not only do I know what he is talking about, it felt like it was a great descriptor of what we are all going through.
This movie, am I right?
This movie, am I right?
Personally I’ve been spending most of my free time with my family while I can, my son is a senior and about to head off into the world which just blows my mind. And I’ve got my little girl who is turning 2 and another little one due in October. Time flies by when you are in this COVID lockdown and it is so easy to get into a negative rhythm. The sameness of the day can really drag us down and believe me I have a lot of time to think about that negative rhythm.
But deep in my core there is something that keeps my head on straight, Geography. I have been spending a ton of time reading geography books, not technology books but old school geography. The brain needs to be fed and nothing is better than books. I hope you all are doing the best you can to get though this. I’m excited to think about what we’ll all have to talk about when we can meet up again in person.
** Title is a reference to yet another time loop movie **
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