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I get emails and DMs from a lot of people asking questions about GIS technology. Most of the time I can either help out immediately or point them to a person who knows better than I. But yesterday I got thinking about this.
James Fee
GIS things I should know about but don’t:

1. Geopackage (or is it GeoPackage)
2. Arcade
3. GeoAPI
4. ArcGIS Pro
There are many things that are probably mainstream in GIS that I’m VERY unfamiliar with. I don’t know if that list is ordered by anything other than where my mind was at lunch yesterday, but those are some pretty critical features and platforms. I really haven’t used Esri software since at least early 2016 so it’s been a while and thus it is understanding that I know nothing about ArcGIS Pro or Arcade. I think the GeoPackage for me is uninteresting as I think there are 1000 ways to solve that problem and I don’t need one more and the GeoAPI is probably irrelevant (though I get asked about it a lot).
But is not caring about such things the same as not understanding them? Do we owe it to ourselves to stay up on all or at least the mainstream concepts in GIS? Last night I convinced myself this should be the case but then I remembered that I know so little about so much. I couldn’t even tell you what version of Windows is current, but that doesn’t stop me from being successful at my job. I think being aware of things such as ArcGIS Pro and how it works with technology is all that is needed, rather than how to perform Dynamic Segmentation with it.
What do I know?
What do I know?
I will say one thing, I’m going to follow Esri twitter accounts more so I am more aware of ArcGIS Pro or Arcade so that when it does come up, I can make more informed decisions. I don’t need to use Esri tools to integrate them into my workflows, I just need to understand them.
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James Fee
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