By James Fee

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I was asked recently if I had found a job yet. Since I’ve left Spatial Networks, I’ve been looking for my next thing and I haven’t found it yet. I’ve gotten close to a couple opportunities that looked amazing, but in the end, they were not for me. I could take a job to just take a job, but I just don’t want to do that. All I can say is I’m still looking for something where I can help guide the process to something amazing. Hopefully time will tell that waiting is worth it.
Today (Wednesday) we had a false alarm with my wife and my unborn daughter. It was almost all hands-on deck but then it wasn’t. She’s home, she’s fine and so is our little girl. We go back Friday for the c-section and then we get to welcome my third child and my second girl to the family.
While all this is happening, my son is getting accepted to colleges. Right now he’s focused on getting into Barrett, the Honor’s College at Arizona State University which would be my choice. He hasn’t gotten accepted yet, so fingers crossed (that’s 3 things I have my fingers crossed for, maybe start with the toes). As I mentioned before, he’s wanting to get into Biodesign and ASU has an amazing program. On top of all this, he’s back in school in person and fall Lacrosse is in full swing. (I guess I need to cross my other toes).
There are plenty of 2020 jokes to go around and I’m just trying to keep my head above water. I have a feeling 2020 will end amazingly and I just have to keep pushing. Sorry for the lack of newsletters, I’ve been focused on my job search and not on spatial but I’m getting back on that path next week with my little girl Monroe on my lap. Be safe everyone!
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James Fee
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